Rising Star: Drew Abney’s Cutting-Edge Research Garners Prestigious Recognition

Drew Abney, a developmental psychologist in the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia, is reshaping the way we understand child development. Using cutting-edge tools and techniques from complexity science, Drew explores how behaviors and social interactions impact the growth journey from infancy to toddlerhood.

Conducting studies in various settings, from playful environments to structured labs, Drew has crafted innovative methods to capture intricate behavioral data. His research program aims to decode developmental dynamics using applied computational social science and dynamical system theory. This forward-thinking approach has earned him recognition as the Principal Investigator (PI) on two major grants awarded in the past year and a half.

The James S. McDonnell Foundation Grant ($250,000) focuses on “Sensorimotor cascades,” delving into real-time movement dynamics in infants. The Army Research Institute grant ($597,365) tackles “Dynamic models of interaction for trust building in diverse contexts.”

At OIBR’s annual meeting in early December, Drew Abney was awarded the 2023 OIBR Rising Star Award. To achieve such acclaim early in one’s career is a testament to Abney’s dedication and the transformative potential of his research program. Abney is poised to further elevate the scope and impact of his research, solidifying his status as a rising star in the field of developmental psychology.