Benefits and Services Available at OIBR

There are many benefits and services available to faculty who wish to be affiliated with the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research (OIBR). To be eligible for these services faculty must submit grants through OIBR.

There are three levels of affiliation with OIBR

  • Grantsmanship Development Program Participant (GDPPs): GDPP status is for faculty who have applied and been accepted into the 2 year formal OIBR Grantsmanship Development Program. Upon completion of the program, these individuals will transition to Affiliate status.
  • OIBR Affiliate: This represents a wide range of faculty members and research staff from departments across campus. Anyone with a behavioral/social science component to their research who wishes to submit grants through the Institute and/or be included in communications about upcoming events and research related topics may request to be an Affiliate of OIBR by contacting Assistant Director Kim Silvis Cherewick (
  • OIBR Fellow: The title Fellow is reserved for faculty with current or past grant projects run through the Institute, who seek to be actively involved, and wish take full advantage of OIBR’s services. Approval of an OIBR review committee is required to be granted Fellow status. (See Policies & Procedures for Fellow Status for additional information)

Benefits and Services for OIBR Affiliates, Grantsmanship Development Program Participants, and Fellows

  • Pre-award funding searches, grant preparation, and submission services
  • Post-award grants administration and accounting
  • Eligibility for OIBR Faculty Seed Grant Program
  • Statistical support services at no cost
  • Financial support for faculty development
  • Credit advance on indirect cost return for newly funded proposals
  • Portion of indirect cost return directly to PI
  • Work groups

Benefits and Services for Grantsmanship Development Program Participants Only

  • Targeted workshops and brown bag seminars
  • Mock reviews, grant concept presentations and pink sheet reviews
  • Pilot funds to support preliminary data collection and/or analysis for grant proposals
  • Grant review conducted by experts outside of UGA
  • Structured activities to meet and interact with senior OIBR Fellows

Benefits and Services for Fellows Only

  • Editing service for grant proposals
  • Support for 1-2 day visit by non-UGA scholar (must include a meeting with all OIBR affiliates)
  • Grant review conducted by experts outside of UGA
  • Nomination for UGA awards (e.g., Distinguished Research Professor, Creative Research Award, Creative Research Medal)
  • Faculty advocacy (e.g., counteroffers, research support)

Benefits and Services for Work Group Leaders and Center Directors Only

  • Eligibility for OIBR sponsored course release for substantial new initiative for Work Group or Center, center grant application, training grant application, or large scale interdisciplinary grant proposal (e.g., Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant)