Kim Cherewick

Kimberly Silvis Cherewick

Assistant Director
519 Boyd GSRC   |   706-542-6078

Kim Cherewick’s career at the University of Georgia has been research oriented since she graduated with a B.A. in December 2001. Her first job as a Research Technician with the Center for Research on Behavioral Health and Human Services Delivery within the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research launched what has now been over a decade-long career in research administration at the University of Georgia.

As the current Assistant Director of the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research, and a Decentralized Limited Signatory Authority for the University of Georgia Research Foundation, Kim is responsible for working closely with the Director and Associate Director to oversee all operations of the Institute: Research, Personnel, Financial, Strategic Planning, and Faculty Development Programs.

In addition, Kim acts as Research Administration Manager, supervising both pre- and post-award activities while working closely with the OIBR Grants Coordinator and Business Managers and she remains proactively involved throughout the life of the research projects.

Kim takes great pleasure and pride in the opportunity to provide extensive service to University of Georgia faculty, both emerging and eminent scholars, in pursuing their goals of inquiry. She is excited to lead the OIBR team as we implement new ideas to increase trans-disciplinary collaboration and outreach across the University of Georgia and beyond.

Echo Sayr

Grants Coordinator II
549 Boyd GSRC   |   706-542-2983

Echo is responsible for pre-award assistance. She assists OIBR fellows and affiliates in developing and submitting grant proposals with the oversight of Assistant Director Kim Cherewick. Echo helps draft project budgets and writes grant components such as Facilities statements and Budget Justifications, as well as proofreading documents and checking for compliance issues.

Echo graduated from UGA summa cum laude with BAs in Philosophy and Anthropology. She has more than six years of experience in proposal design and grant writing to private foundations, individual donors, and government sponsors. She formerly worked in the nonprofit sector in Los Angeles; Washington, DC; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; and Baghdad, Iraq. Echo has written numerous technical proposals. She also has experience developing programs including implementation timelines and Monitoring & Evaluation frameworks. Program proposals she created in cooperation with Iraqi national staff were funded by the United Nations.

Echo joined OIBR in November 2016.

Paula McIntyre

Paula McIntyre

Business Manager II
516 Boyd GSRC   |   706-542-2841

Paula serves as Business Manager for OIBR. She is the primary post-award service departmental contact for an assigned group of sponsored projects. She is responsible for assisting Principal Investigators with all administrative aspects of an award to include: coordinating the hiring and payroll processes; serving as petty cash custodian for research incentives; processing reimbursements; purchasing; monitoring budgets; reconciling expenses; processing sub-contract invoices and consulting agreements; assisting with submitting progress reports and no-cost extensions; and helping ensure all account financial activities are in compliance with UGA and external funding agencies’ requirements. In addition, she provides budgeting and accounting support for OIBR’s departmental state accounts.

Paula received a B.B.A in Finance from North Georgia College and State University. She has been a part of OIBR since January 2014 and has worked with UGA since May 2009.


Cabe Mottley

Business Manager II
518 Boyd GSRC   |   706-542-6100

Cabe is a Business Manager at OIBR. His primary responsibilities are maintaining ten grant accounts and one Endowment account; purchasing; travel reimbursement and payment processing; as well as personnel and payroll processing.

Cabe received a BA in History from the University of Georgia in 2005. He started his career at UGA in 2000 and has been a member of our team for 3 years.

JJ Bau

Jinn Jonp (JJ) Bau, Ph.D.

Scientific Computing Professional
551 Boyd GSRC  |  706-542-6094

JJ is a Senior Research Scientist and primary statistician for OIBR.  He has shared responsibility for providing an interdisciplinary forum for identifying and pursuing analytical problems and research opportunities for which structural equation modeling may be appropriate. He consults, collaborates, and performs statistical analyses for our OIBR Fellows and Affiliates regularly. In addition, his on-going duties at OIBR include maintaining data sets, planning, designing, and analyzing federally funded data sets. He also applies statistical theory and method to the data sets as well as reviews on-going and new research projects in terms of their statistical validity, computation feasibility, and interpretability.

JJ graduated in 1985 with a M.S. degree in Statistics from National Chengchi University, Taiwan. He received his Ph.D. in Statistics from UGA in 1992.  He has been with OIBR since 1991.


Andrea Horsman

Outreach and Communications Manager
547 Boyd GSRC  |  706-542-6074

Andrea is the Outreach and Communications Manager for OIBR. Her primary responsibilities include facilitating communications effort, including the OIBR website, Twitter page, newsletter and OIBR printed/promotional materials, to provide up-to-date and accurate information about the organization. She works with OIBR Administration to enhance the organization’s outreach across campus and develop new, creative bench-marking methods for providing our faculty with interdisciplinary research opportunities and to stimulate collaboration. Andrea also coordinates events and meetings and provides support to the management team. She has been with OIBR since October 2016 and has worked within the university system since 2010.