Carey, Jenny Claire

Jenny Claire Carey

Post Award Operations Manager
252B Brooks Hall   |   706-542-6027

Jenny Claire’s primary responsibilities include coordinating payroll and effort for PIs, support staff, and GRAs; processing reimbursements; purchasing; monitoring budgets and reconciling expenditures.

Jenny Claire graduated from Emmanuel College in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. She joined OIBR in April 2018, and she has been with UGA since September 2015.

Cherewick, Kim Square

Kimberly Silvis Cherewick

Assistant Director
255D Brooks Hall   |   706-542-6078

Kim is the Assistant Director of the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research and a Decentralized Limited Signatory Authority for the University of Georgia Research Foundation. Kim is responsible for assisting the Director in overseeing all operations of the Institute: Research, Personnel, Financial, Strategic Planning, and Faculty Development Programs.  Kim supervises both pre- and post-award activities, working closely with the OIBR Grants Coordinator and Business Managers, and she remains proactively involved throughout the life of the research projects.

Kim takes great pleasure and pride in the opportunity to provide extensive service to University of Georgia faculty, both emerging and eminent scholars, in pursuing their goals of inquiry. She enjoys leading the OIBR team as we implement new ideas to increase interdisciplinary collaboration and outreach across the University of Georgia and beyond.


Andrea Horsman

Outreach and Communications Manager
255C Brooks Hall  |  706-542-6074

Andrea is the Outreach and Communications Manager for OIBR. Her primary responsibilities are to promote the institute and its social and behavioral science faculty through a variety of outlets. This includes news writing, website content management, digital newsletter production, social media management, generation of marketing collateral, and photo/video production.

She works with OIBR Directors to raise the visibility of the institute and to enhance the organization’s outreach across campus and develop new, creative bench-marking methods for providing our faculty with interdisciplinary research opportunities and promoting faculty research efforts.

Andrea also manages all administrative, technical and logistical aspects for all of the activities, meetings and events designed to stimulate research collaboration.

She is the Office of Research representative on the UGA Staff Council and has been with OIBR since October 2016 and has worked within the university system since 2010.

CVIOG Faculty/Staff Portraits 2019

Stacie Isbell

Senior Accountant
252F Brooks Hall   |   706-542-6100

Stacie joined OIBR in November 2021. She is our Senior Accountant and her primary responsibilities include performing grant-related post-award functions, including: serving as payroll coordinator for all positions managed by OIBR; initiating payment and purchase requests; and monitoring sub-award and consultant agreements. She serves as departmental p-card holder and petty cash coordinator for external and internal funded projects.

Stacie has many years of accounting and research grant experience. She has been with UGA since 2002.

Moore, Renee 2

L. Renee Moore

Grants Manager
252E Brooks Hall   |   706-542-7202

Renee joined OIBR in June 2019. As Grants Manager, she monitors project spending to ensure that it complies with UGA policy; ensures personnel changes are reflected in the budget; and provides monthly project status reports to Principal Investigators.

Renee has many years of accounting experience and has been with UGA since 2016.

Studio Portrait of Shradha Patel

Shradha Patel

Grants Manager
252D Brooks Hall   |   706-542-2841

Shradha has many years of accounting experience from various financial institutions and has been with UGA since 2021.

She worked in the central Sponsored Projects Administration office prior to joining OIBR in December of 2022. She has experience in post-award research administration duties including interpreting and checking for completeness of award documents, ensuring proper set up of awards and chart strings in the  Financial Management System, identifying invoicing and financial reporting requirements, and calculating and reconciling amounts to be drawn from Federal agencies.

Chris Thornton

Chris Thornton

Grants Coordinator III
255B Brooks Hall   |   706-542-2983

Chris has been with UGA since 2020 where he worked in the central Sponsored Projects Administration office. He joined OIBR in August of 2022 with experience in pre-award research administration duties including assisting Principal Investigators with the development and submission of proposals for external funding. Chris is a Decentralized Limited Signatory Authority for the University of Georgia Research Foundation.

He also has experience in writing grants and searching for funding opportunities as gained during his time working with Wounded Veterans organization and the Charleston County School District.