Maltreatment and Trauma


Acheme, Doris

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
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Research Interests include: Intergroup and intercultural communication; Social identity negotiation; Language attitudes; Racial ideologies


Clay, Chad

Associate Professor, International Affairs
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Research Interests include international determinants of government respect for human rights, and effect of political processes surrounding human rights on other policy outcomes

Giovanni Dazzo

Dazzo, Giovanni

Assistant Professor, Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy
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Research Interests include: Adolescents; Children and Youth; Culture; Education and Learning; LGBTQ; Methods Specialization

Itai Himelboim

Himelboim, Itai

Associate Professor, Advertising & Public Relations
Thomas C. Dowden Professor, Media Analytics
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Research Interests include social networks, social network analysis, political communication, and health communication


Owsiak, Andrew

Professor, International Affairs
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Research Interests include countries fighting one another, peaceful relations, and ending conflict


Sekandi, Juliet

Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics
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Research Interests include infectious diseases, global health, mobile health, and artificial intelligence