Stress, Trauma, Adversity & Resilience Workgroup

Director:  Assaf Oshri

The Stress, Trauma, Adversity & Resilience (STAR) workgroup seeks to facilitate scientific opportunities for interdisciplinary discourse, interactions, and collaboration among researchers interested in studying the sequelae of adverse childhood experiences, including child abuse and neglect, trauma, poverty, and socioeconomic stress. The group strives to provide members and attendees with a scholarly network that supports and encourages novel research ideas for collaborative grant applications, research work, and publications. The group welcomes national and international scholars across the disciplines focused on scientifically investigating the consequences of early life stress and adversity, and the opportunities afforded by basic prevention and intervention. Further specific goals of STAR group include the following:

  • Assist STAR scholars to collaborate and exchange ideas through regular in-person meetings and an informal listserv on which to share questions or new information.
  • Support STAR work group members in obtaining consultation with and connection to STAR scholars in planning research projects and grant development.
  • Provide as an intellectual resource for discussing research issues, ideas, and problems, including those around methodological and statistical issues.
  • Promote the visibility of life stress/adversity research on campus. For example, by sponsoring an outside scholar’s formal research talk on campus, informal networking opportunities, and/or workshops.