Policy, Regulation, and Compliance

Abraham, Amanda

Abraham, Amanda

Michael and Caroline Fierman Professor, Public and International Affairs
Distinguished Scholar, 2014 GDPP Graduate, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | aabraham@uga.edu
Research Interests include health policy, substance use disorder treatment, accessibility/quality of SUD treatment, organizational change, and maternal health

Mary Ager

Ager, Mary

Associate Professor, Social Work
website | ager@uga.edu

Research Interests: Poverty, social policy, consumer debt, and social media

Lydia Aletraris

Aletraris, Lydia

Associate Research Scientist, Social Work
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | lydia@uga.edu

Research Interests: Substance use disorder treatment, cannabis legalization, opioid use disorder, health services research, human trafficking prevalence

Grace Bagwell-Adams

Bagwell-Adams, Grace

Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management
website | gbagwell@uga.edu

Research Interests:  food assistance policy, obesity policy, effect of health policy on vulnerable populations, program evaluation


Baker III, Thomas

Professor, Kinesiology 
2013-15 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | tab3@uga.edu

Research Interests: how commercial laws influence sport marking, and on risk management in two specialized areas: (a) preventing sexual abuse in youth sports and (b) terrorism management at sports facilities

David Bradford

Bradford, W. David

Busbee Chair in Public Policy, Public Administration and Policy
website | bradfowd@uga.edu

Research Interests include health economics, health policy, substance use policy, and cannabis policy

Peter Brosius

Brosius, Peter

Professor, Anthropology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | pbrosius@uga.edu

Research Interests include environmental anthropology, cultural politics of conversation, political ecology, hunter-gatherers, transnational environmental movements and institutions, and human ecology in SE Asia


Clay, Chad

Associate Professor, International Affairs
website | kcclay@uga.edu

Research Interests include international determinants of government respect for human rights, and effect of political processes surrounding human rights on other policy outcomes


Coverdill, James

Meigs Professor, Sociology
website | jimcov@uga.edu

Research Interests include sociology of work and organizations, work-hour reforms and surgical work


Crepaz, Marcus

Professor, Political Science & International Affairs
website | mcrepaz@uga.edu

Research Interests include European politics, comparative political economy, immigration, research design, political institutions, and political development

Allison Dunnigan

Dunnigan, Allison

Assistant Professor, Social Work
website | allison.dunnigan@uga.edu

Research Interests include child welfare policy and services, foster care, and system responses to human trafficking

Fazlul, Ishtiaque

Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management and International Affairs (Jointly)
website | ifazlul@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Health economics; Education economics

Gibbs, Daniel

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
website | dangibbs@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Child well-being; Professional decision-making; Foster care; Data science; Social work and the law

Graizbord, Diana

Graizbord, Diana

Assistant Professor, Sociology
website | dgraizbord@uga.edu

Research Interests include sociology of science, political sociology, globalization, and development and social change

Steven Holloway

Holloway, Steven

Professor, Geography
website | holloway@uga.edu

Research Interests include the geography of youth labor markets, the impact of public housing on the geographies of poverty and crime, and the geographically contingent nature of discrimination in mortgage lending


Jung, Daniel

Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management
2021-23 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | daniel.jung1@uga.edu

Research Interests include quality of care, long-term care/post-acute care, Medicare/Medicaid policy, unnecessary health care utilization, health disparities, and machine learning methods

Lapegna, Pablo

Associate Professor, Sociology
2023-2025 Grant Development Program Participant
website | plapegna@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Environmental and rural sociology; Social movements; Political sociology; Health

Li, Niying

Assistant Professor, Clinical & Administrative Pharmacy
website | niying.li@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Aging and Gerontology, Immigration, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Survey Methods

Melcher, Katherine
Associate Professor, College of Environment and Design

website | kmelcher@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Aging and Gerontology, Cognition, Culture, Environment and Ecosystems, Ethnography, Gender, Geographic Information Systems, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Identity, Mental Health, Obesity, Organizations, Physical Health and Well-being, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Prevention and Implementation Science, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

Schlesinger, Ari
Assistant Professor, School of Computing

website | ari.schlesinger@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Communication, Computational Methods, Culture, Diversity, Education and Learning, Ethnography, Gender, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Identity, Media, Organizations, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Sexuality and Sexual Identity, STEM, Work and Occupations

Sheagley, Geoffrey

Sheagley, Geoffrey

Associate Professor, Political Science
website | geoff.sheagley@uga.edu

Research Interests include political psychology, political polarization, decision-making, and political knowledge

Singh, Shane

Professor, International Affairs
website | singh@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Elections; Democracy; Political attitudes; Electoral behavior; Electoral rules

Suhang Song

Song, Suhang

Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management
website | suhang.song@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Health disparities; Health policy; Health economics; Non-communicable diseases; Cognitive aging

Janani Rajbhandari-Thapa

Thapa, Janani

Associate Professor, Health Policy & Management
website | jrthapa@uga.edu

Research Interests include policy oriented research primarily field and community based research, program planning and evaluation, and application of behavioral economics in addressing childhood obesity and food behavior

Xie, Lusi

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
website | lusi.xie@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Behavioral economics; Agri-environmental policies; Ecosystem services

Zeng, Yingying

Assistant Professor, Social Work
website | yzeng@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Assessment and Evaluation, Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Gender, Immigration, Mental Health, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood