Food and Nutrition

Geier, Charles

Professor, Human Development and Family Science
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Research Interests include: Cognition, Computational Methods, Diversity, Emotion, Experimental Methods, Food & Nutrition, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Disorders, Networks, Neuroscience, Obesity, Physical Health and Well-being, Psychophysiology, Risk Behaviors, Substance Use and Addiction, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

Mu, Lan

Professor, Geography
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Research Interests include:  Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Computational Methods, Environment and Ecosystems, Food & Nutrition, Geographic Information Systems, Mental Health, Physical Health and Well-being, STEM

Lu, Peng

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication
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Research Interests include:  Communication, Education and Learning, Emotion, Environment and Ecosystems, Experimental Methods, Food & Nutrition, Higher Education, STEM

Noble, Emily
Associate Professor, Nutritional Sciences

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Research Interests include: Cognition, Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Neuroscience, Obesity, Substance Use and Addiction, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

Tanner, Susan
Associate Professor, Anthropology

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Research Interests include: Chronic Disease, Culture, Ethnography, Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Infectious Disease, Physical Health and Well-being, Prevention and Implementation Science, Risk Behaviors, Survey Methods

Jennifer Jo Thompson

Thompson, Jennifer Jo

Associate Research Scientist, Crop & Soil Sciences
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Research Interests include food systems, social justice, policy outcomes, risk perception, and sustainable food