Environment and Ecosystems

Peter Brosius

Brosius, Peter

Professor, Anthropology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | pbrosius@uga.edu

Research Interests include environmental anthropology, cultural politics of conversation, political ecology, hunter-gatherers, transnational environmental movements and institutions, and human ecology in SE Asia

Calabria, Jon
Professor, Landscape Architecture

website | jcalabr@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Assessment and Evaluation, Culture, Diversity, Education and Learning, Environment and Ecosystems, Geographic Information Systems, Survey Methods

Margaret Caughy

Caughy, Margaret

Georgia Athletic Association Professor, Family Health Disparities
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research

Research Interests include academic achievement, self-regulation, and minoritized populations


German, Laura

Professor, Anthropology
Director, Center for Integrative Conservation Research
website |  lgerman@uga.edu

Research Interests include land and environmental governance, property rights, and sub-Saharan Africa

Jeong-Yeob Han

Han, Jeong-Yeob

Associate Professor, Advertising
website | jeonghan@uga.edu

Research Interests include eHealth communication, social media, online communities, cancer communication, and media effects

Kurtz, Hilda

Department Head and Professor, Geography
website | hkurtz@uga.edu

Research Interests include:  Communication, Environment and Ecosystems

Mu, Lan

Professor, Geography
website | mulan@uga.edu

Research Interests include:  Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Computational Methods, Environment and Ecosystems, Food & Nutrition, Geographic Information Systems, Mental Health, Physical Health and Well-being, STEM

Lapegna, Pablo

Associate Professor, Sociology
2023-2025 Grant Development Program Participant
website | plapegna@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Environmental and rural sociology; Social movements; Political sociology; Health

Lu, Peng

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication
website | penglu@uga.edu

Research Interests include:  Communication, Education and Learning, Emotion, Environment and Ecosystems, Experimental Methods, Food & Nutrition, Higher Education, STEM


Matthew, Rebecca

Associate Professor, Social Work
website | rematthew@uga.edu

Research Interests include Community health and well-being ; Cooperatives and the solidarity economy; Community-based participatory research and practice; Environmental justice.

Thomas McNulty

McNulty, Thomas

Associate Professor, Sociology
website | tmcnulty@uga.edu

Research Interests include race/ethnicity, communities & crime, and inequality

Melcher, Katherine
Associate Professor, College of Environment and Design

website | kmelcher@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Aging and Gerontology, Cognition, Culture, Environment and Ecosystems, Ethnography, Gender, Geographic Information Systems, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Identity, Mental Health, Obesity, Organizations, Physical Health and Well-being, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Prevention and Implementation Science, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

Thomas Mote

Mote, Thomas

Distinguished Research Professor, Geography
website | tmote@uga.edu

Research Interests include remote sensing in climatology, synoptic climatology/meteorology, climate change, and cryosphere


Nelson, Don

Professor, Anthropology
website | dnelson@uga.edu

Research Interests include climate change, environmental governance, poverty, food security, vulnerability, and adaptation

Cynthia Suveg

Suveg, Cynthia

Professor, Psychology
website | csuveg@uga.edu

Research Interests include child, family, and developmental psychopathology

Jennifer Jo Thompson

Thompson, Jennifer Jo

Associate Research Scientist, Crop & Soil Sciences
website | jjthomp@uga.edu

Research Interests include food systems, social justice, policy outcomes, risk perception, and sustainable food

Vick, Alfred
Georgia Power Professor in Environmental Ethics, College of Environment and Design

website | ravick@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Environment and Ecosystems, Exercise, Geographic Information Systems, Obesity, Physical Health and Well-being

Weatherly, Christopher

Assistant Professor, Social Work
website | cweatherly@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Environment and Ecosystems, Ethnography, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Disorders

Xie, Lusi

Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Applied Economics
website | lusi.xie@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Behavioral economics; Agri-environmental policies; Ecosystem services

Xiaobai (Angela) Yao

Yao, Angela

Professor, Geography
website | xyao@uga.edu

Research Interests include GIScience, urban growth and transportation, public health, data analysis and modeling, geocomputation, and qualitative GIS