How Do I Read My OIBR Quarterly Comprehensive Status Report?

How to Read Your Account Status Report provided by your OIBR Grants Manager:

Project Budget Summary Tab – The dollar figure listed under Budget Amount is what has been awarded on your project to date. Some sponsors (e.g. NIH) will award funds in increments with a new award increment for each budget period and some sponsors will release the entire award at once.

Encumbrance Amount shows the funds we have encumbered, or set aside, for expenditures we know will post, typically this is faculty/non-faculty (Staff, GRAs, Students and/or Temporary employees) payroll and fringe encumbered for the semester, or budget year, as well as, operating expenses that are encumbered such as consulting agreements, supplies/materials purchased through UGAMart via PO, and subcontracts. Encumbered operating expenses including consulting agreement and subcontract funds are not considered spent until the invoices from the entity are received and paid.

Actual Expenditures are the expenditures that have been posted to your project.

Balance is what is remaining in that particular budget category. The Grants Manager will highlight in yellow the Direct Expense Balance, this is the amount available for use in the current budget period. If your project includes a subaward/subcontract, each award will be tracked at the bottom of the project budget summary tab. For each award year, the total award amount, cumulative amount invoiced (reflected in actual expenditures) and remaining balance (reflected in encumbrances) will be individually tracked and updated for monitoring purposes.

Expenditure Detail Tab – This tab includes a line for each and every expenditure that has posted to your project sorted categorically by account code, so Personal Services (salary and fringe), Travel, Operating, then IDC that is charged to your project, this is listed as Allocated OH-Spons Agreements. The amount listed on this tab should match the total of your Actual Expenditures on the first tab.

Personnel Tab – There will be a Personnel Tab for each year of your project. This tab will list every person that has worked on your project and will list the exact amount they received/will receive in salary each month. Prior months will be exact, and future months will be what is anticipated (this is where the encumbrance amounts come from on the first tab). You will be able to see the percentage of a person’s effort on the project and how many person months are to be committed on the project. There will be a new Personnel tab created for each budget year which is helpful for effort tracking and annual progress report requirements.

Position Funding Tab – This is a pivot table for your project that shows all personal services charged to your project, sorted by person and date, and will include their salary that is listed on the personnel tab as well as the fringe benefit amount for each person that is charged to the project.

IDC Tab – This is another pivot table used for principal investigators that have OIBR manage their IDC. Like the first tab, “Project Budget Summary,” this tab includes the beginning balance, encumbrance, actuals, and remaining balance for the two IDC fund types, 15000 is UGA IDC, and 20300 is UGARF IDC.