Boyd, Christina

Professor, Political Science
website | clboyd@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Judicial behavior; Gender and racial diversity; Political institutions

Margaret Caughy

Caughy, Margaret

Georgia Athletic Association Professor, Family Health Disparities
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research

Research Interests include academic achievement, self-regulation, and minoritized populations

Lillian Eby

Eby, Lillian

Distinguished Research Professor, Psychology 
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | leby@uga.edu

Research Interests include occupational health, relationship science, mentoring, and mindfulness

Fisher, Sycarah website

Fisher, Sycarah

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
2020-22 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | sycarah.fisher@uga.edu

Research Interests include substance use, minorities, African Americans, school mental health, and implementation science


Galvan, Thania

Assistant Professor, Psychology
website | thania.galvan@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Mental health disparities; Latinx youth & families; Latinx immigrants; Traumatic stress; Risk & Resilience pathways

Geier, Charles

Professor, Human Development and Family Science
website | Charles.Geier@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Cognition, Computational Methods, Diversity, Emotion, Experimental Methods, Food & Nutrition, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Disorders, Networks, Neuroscience, Obesity, Physical Health and Well-being, Psychophysiology, Risk Behaviors, Substance Use and Addiction, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

gonlin, vanessa

Gonlin, Vanessa

Assistant Professor, Sociology
website | vgonlin@uga.edu

Research Interests include African Americans, couples, and families

Susan Haire

Haire, Susan

Department Head and Professor, Political Science
website | cmshaire@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Judicial behavior; Gender; Race; Ethnicity


Harrison, Ashley

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
website | ashley.harrison@uga.edu

Research Interests include atypical emotional and social attention in childhood psychopathology, information-processing framework to examine the differential developmental trajectory of social attention among individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), and identifying ways to more effectively treat attention impairments

Justin Lavner

Lavner, Justin

Associate Professor, Psychology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | lavner@uga.edu

Research Interests include couples, families, prevention, health disparities and LGBTQ

Glenna Read

Read, Glenna

Associate Professor, Advertising & Public Relations
2022-2024 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | glenna.read@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Video surveillance; Video interpretation bias; Media effects; Social representation; Message processing; Decision-making

Robertson, Melissa

Assistant Professor, Psychology
website | mrobertson@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Social relationships; Mentoring and supervision; Diversity and inclusion; Health and well-being; Measurement and methodology

Russo-Tait, Tatiane

Assistant Professor, Cellular Biology
website | Tati@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Critical consciousness; Equity; Social justice in STEM

Julie Stanton

Stanton, Julie

Associate Professor, Cellular Biology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | stantonj@uga.edu

Research Interests include metacognition, students of color, and participatory action research

Stauffer, Katelyn

Assistant Professor, Political Science
website | kstauffer@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Diversity, Experimental Methods, Gender, Identity, Survey Methods

Jennifer Jo Thompson

Thompson, Jennifer Jo

Associate Research Scientist, Crop & Soil Sciences
website | jjthomp@uga.edu

Research Interests include food systems, social justice, policy outcomes, risk perception, and sustainable food

Justine Tinkler

Tinkler, Justine

Associate Professor, Sociology
website | jtinkler@uga.edu

Research Interests include gender and race policy intervention, sexual harassment, and discrimination

Watkins, K

Watkins, Kimberly

Assistant Professor, Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics
website | kimberly.watkins@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Culture, Diversity, Education and Learning, Emotion, Gender, Identity, Marriage, Family, and Close Relationships, Mental Health, Personality, Physical Health and Well-being, Sexuality and Sexual Identity, Social Psychology, Survey Methods