Acheme, Doris

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
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Research Interests include: Intergroup and intercultural communication; Social identity negotiation; Language attitudes; Racial ideologies

Antonoudi, Efthymia (Effie)

Assistant Professor, Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics
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Research Interests include:  Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Diversity, Education and Learning, Immigration, Marriage, Family, and Close Relationships, Mental Health, Substance Use and Addiction


Crepaz, Marcus

Professor, Political Science & International Affairs
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Research Interests include European politics, comparative political economy, immigration, research design, political institutions, and political development


Galvan, Thania

Assistant Professor, Psychology
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Research Interests include: Mental health disparities; Latinx youth & families; Latinx immigrants; Traumatic stress; Risk & Resilience pathways

Li, Niying

Assistant Professor, Clinical & Administrative Pharmacy
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Research Interests include: Aging and Gerontology, Immigration, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Survey Methods

Jane McPherson

McPherson, Jane

Associate Professor, Social Work
Director, Global Engagement
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Research Interests include social work, human rights, and Athens history

Orpinas-Sq. 2022

Orpinas, Pamela

Professor, Health Promotion and Behavior
Distinguished Fellow, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
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Research Interests include preventing family violence, dating aggression, and bullying; improving the lives of immigrant and underserved populations; identifying developmental trajectories of children and youth.

Singh, Shane

Professor, International Affairs
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Research Interests include: Elections; Democracy; Political attitudes; Electoral behavior; Electoral rules

Elizabeth Wieling

Wieling, Elizabeth

Professor, Human Development & Family Science
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Research Interests include traumatic stress, evidence based interventions for parenting, and Latinx families

Zeng, Yingying

Assistant Professor, Social Work
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Research Interests include: Assessment and Evaluation, Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Gender, Immigration, Mental Health, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood