Our grant coordinators work with faculty to provide guidance and assistance in all areas of the grant proposal submission process including discussing proposal ideas, related budget considerations, drafting a proposal budget, and researching and updating the PI on both institutional and sponsor guidelines. They can also compile and review narratives, budgets, and other components, and help if it is needed to create these documents. OIBR grant coordinators also maintain proactive involvement in post-award administration, assisting with adherence to proposed budget or facilitating edits if needed, assisting with progress reports, no cost extension applications, and effort compliance.

Deadline Requirements for Investigators:

  • A minimum of one-month advance notice is required for all planned grant submissions through OIBR. We have no choice but to turn down requests for assistance if these guidelines are not followed, even if pre-award assistance has started. Following this policy ensures that we can serve all of our investigators.
  • EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2021, faculty MUST give Kim and Chris all materials at least 5 business days before a grant is due to the funding agency.
  • Our “5-Day Advance Notice Program” guarantees the successful submission of all grant proposals that are received within 5 business days of the proposal deadline. To qualify, all components must be received within the 5-business day-in-advance deadline (narrative, all letters of support, bio-sketches, finalized budget, etc.).
  • Please be respectful of OIBR staff’s competing obligations and heavy workloads, as well as your colleagues’ right to have the staff’s time and attention.
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