OIBR Grant Development Program

The Owens Institute for Behavioral Research (OIBR) Grant Development Program prepares participants to compete successfully for extramural funding. We welcome applications from UGA faculty members of any rank who have not previously received significant extramural research support as Principal Investigator. The 2-year program provides a systematic training experience that includes workshops, seminars, and staged guidance on proposal preparation. Periodic reports and presentations track participant progress through program milestones. Successful completion of the program requires submitting an extramural grant through the Institute as principal investigator. Upon successful completion of the program, the participant earns a certificate of completion.

The Application Process

Interested faculty members initiate the application process. The application materials include:

  • approval form completed and signed by the Department Head,
  • curriculum vitae,
  • overview of the applicant’s primary research agenda. Please include:
    1. a brief overview of the applicant’s area and focus (1/2 page),
    2. a brief description of a research project that would be the basis of the grant proposal to be developed (1/2 page),
    3. one or more potential funding sources for an extramural application, if known.
  • Applications are due May 22.

A committee of OIBR distinguished scholars will review applications. Participant selection is based on:

  • A track record of publications or advanced training in their area of interest
  • Commitment to develop the skills to successfully pursue extramural grant funding
  • Preliminary development of a focused research agenda in a fundable area of interest


OIBR is a service unit under the Office of Research

  •   OIBR does not retain any indirect cost return from grants administered through the Institute
  • Indirect cost return (F&A) should follow the policies and practices in the faculty member’s home academic unit
  • For grants submitted through OIBR, academic credit is given to the participant’s home college/ department and center & institute credit is given to OIBR


Resources Provided to Grant Development Program Participants

  1. Seminars and Workshops
  • Overviews of specific funding agencies supporting social and behavioral science research
  • Group sessions for concept development and grant skills
  • Informal networking opportunities with eminent scholars and OIBR distinguished scholars
  • Structured mock grant reviews
  • Individualized feedback on grant concepts and responding to grant reviews
  1. Pilot Funds Competitively awarded pilot funds are available to support preliminary data collection and/or analysis for grant proposals.


  1. External & Editorial Review Funding Funds are available to pay for (a) an external review of grant proposals for program participants; and (b) professional editing services prior to grant submission.


  1. OIBR Annual Meeting, Lectures, Mystery Meet & Greet Lunches Attending these events provides networking opportunities, information on work groups and centers, and updates on Institute operations.


  1. Pre-Award and Post-Award Services Participants have access to assistance for (a) identifying funding opportunities, (b) budgeting, (c) grant proposal coordination, and (d) submission. When a grant is funded, it will be managed by OIBR’s specialized post-award accounting staff.


  1. Departmental Support OIBR encourages the program participant’s home department to provide release time from teaching and/or departmental service, although this decision is under the discretion of the participant’s home department.


Grant Development Program Schedule

Below is a general outline of goals and activities for the program. We recognize that participants’ timelines will vary based on their ongoing research activities and funding targets.


Year Scheduled Activities Goals/Objectives
Y1 Fall •    Program kick-off meeting *

•    Seminars and Workshops*

•    Concept Development Session*

•    Grant concept “Pitch” *

•    OIBR Annual Meeting*

Idea Generation/Publish

·   Acquire general knowledge of various funding agencies

·   Identify a fundable concept that will advance the field

Y1 Spring •    Participate in mock reviews*

•    Attend Seminars and Workshops*

•    Give grant concept presentation *

•    Concept development session and pre-writing workshop*


Refine Grant Concept

•    Identify an appropriate funding source

•    Communicate with funding agency

Y1 Sum •    NA Complete draft of proposal
Y2 Fall & Spring •    Second year check-in meetings*

•    Participate in mock reviews*

•    Budget workshop

•    OIBR-sponsored events relevant to grant funding and administration


Submit & Resubmit

•    Develop draft-budget

•    Obtain peer and senior level feedback on proposal

•    Submit grant proposal

•    Revise and resubmit application as needed

* indicates required activity


Director:  Dr. Jody Clay-Warner, jclayw@uga.edu
Associate Director: Dr. Jennifer McDowell, jemcd@uga.edu
Director of Faculty Development:  Dr. Dawn Robinson, sodawn@uga.edu
Assistant Director:  Kimberly Cherewick, ksilvis@uga.edu