How We Add Value

How Does Affiliation with OIBR Benefit Departments & Colleges?

Affiliation with OIBR benefits Departments and Colleges by (1) offering a formal mentoring program for faculty members, (2) organizing colloquia open to all University Faculty, (3) sponsoring faculty for internal and external awards, and (4) reducing departmental administrative burden through our comprehensive pre-award and post-award services. OIBR can also help Departments and Colleges with faculty recruitment and assist in the socialization of new faculty by offering a supportive intellectual environment for the pursuit of research. For grants submitted through the institute, 100% of the academic credit remains at the investigator’s home department. Indirect cost return is split in accordance with unit policies. An affiliated investigator may divide their portion of the indirect cost return 50/50 between their home department and OIBR with unit approval. In this case, 100% of OIBR’s portion of the indirect cost return will be provided to the investigator for use as discretionary research support funding and will be managed by the same Business Manager who handles the faculty member’s post-award account activities.

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How Does Affiliation with OIBR Benefit Faculty?

The trans-disciplinary collaboration and intellectual environment of OIBR has proven to be a rewarding professional experience for our fellows and provides a platform for networking and research opportunities. Faculty who participate in our mentoring program attend grant writing workshops, are paired with a faculty mentor who has a track record of successful grant funding, and can apply for funds to support pilot research to increase the likelihood of successful grant funding. Faculty who choose to submit grants through OIBR will also benefit from our specialized pre-award and post-award staff.