OIBR Grants-on-the-Edge Program

Announcement for FY2024-FY2025

Thanks to our generous endowment from Bill and Barbara Owens, OIBR announces the availability of funding to aid investigators whose external research proposals submitted through OIBR narrowly missed falling within the funding range due to lack of preliminary data. Small grants will be provided to help an investigator strategically improve the proposal’s viability upon resubmission. Allocated funds must be spent within one year of award date. Proposal submissions may be sent at any time to Kim Cherewick (ksilvis@uga.edu), OIBR Assistant Director. We will review proposals on a rolling basis and anticipate making funding decisions within three weeks of receipt. Awards will be up to $10,000. The revised grant proposal must also be submitted through OIBR.

Application Format and Requirements

  • 12 point font, 1 inch margins
  • 1 page – Cover/signature page containing proposal title, investigator names and affiliations, investigator e-mail and other contact information, budget total of the initial (rejected) proposal submission, funding agency and program to which the rejected proposal was submitted, signatures of the investigator(s) and department heads or directors.
  • 1 page – Cover page from the initial rejected submission.
  • 1 page – Project Summary / Abstract from the initial rejected submission.
  • Multiple pages – Complete copies of the panel summary and any reviews of the rejected proposal.
  • 2 pages – Description of the proposed work and a clear articulation of how it will address the shortcomings of the rejected proposal. Include a description of how the money will be spent and indicate the anticipated date and agency of the proposal resubmission.
  • 1 page – Timeline of proposed activities
  • 1 page – Detailed budget showing projected expenses for your small grant proposal (this should align closely with your description of how the money will be spent).
  • A list of potential expert external or internal reviewers. If the grants-on-the-edge request is funded, the PI will be expected to send the revised proposal to an expert reviewer for comments prior to resubmission. Funds of up to $500 may be included in the budget as honorarium for the proposed reviewer (this payment can only be made to an expert who is external to UGA).
  • Required pages should be assembled into a single PDF.

Publication Acknowledgement

Any publication resulting from funding (or partial funding) by this program should acknowledge that funding was received by the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research.