Survey Methods


Acheme, Doris

Assistant Professor, Communication Studies
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Research Interests include: Intergroup and intercultural communication; Social identity negotiation; Language attitudes; Racial ideologies

Barger, M.

Barger, Michael

Assistant Professor, Educational Psychology
2023-2025 Grant Development Program Participant
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Research Interests include motivation, STEM, developmental psychology, mindsets, and beliefs


Bauer, Brian

Assistant Professor, Psychology 
2022-2024 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
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Research Interests include: Suicide; Behavioral economics; Decisions

Peggy Brickman

Brickman, Peggy

Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Plant Biology
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Research Interests include group work, collaborative learning, undergraduates, and professional development


Cacciatore, Michael

Associate Professor and Assistant Department Head, Advertising & Public Relations
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Research Interests include science communication, risk communication, and framing

JodyClay-Warner_New Director 8-2022Sq.

Clay-Warner, Jody

Director, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
Meigs Professor, Sociology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
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Research Interests include justice, emotions, violence, and victimization

Gibbs, Daniel

Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
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Research Interests include: Child well-being; Professional decision-making; Foster care; Data science; Social work and the law

He, Yimin

Assistant Professor, Psychology
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Research Interests include: Culture, Mental Health, Networks, Organizations, Physical Health and Well-being, Survey Methods, Work and Occupations

Li, Niying

Assistant Professor, Clinical & Administrative Pharmacy
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Research Interests include: Aging and Gerontology, Immigration, Policy, Regulation, and Compliance, Survey Methods

Glen Nowak

Nowak, Glen

Professor, Advertising Public Relations
Co-director, Grady College Center for Health & Risk Communications
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Research Interests include health communication, infectious and vaccine preventable disease communication

Jerry Shannon

Shannon, Jerry

Associate Professor, Geography
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Research Interests include food access, food insecurity, participatory research, and urban development

Stauffer, Katelyn

Assistant Professor, Political Science
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Research Interests include: Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Diversity, Experimental Methods, Gender, Identity, Survey Methods

Watkins, K

Watkins, Kimberly

Assistant Professor, Financial Planning, Housing, and Consumer Economics
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Research Interests include: Bias, Discrimination, and Inequality, Culture, Diversity, Education and Learning, Emotion, Gender, Identity, Marriage, Family, and Close Relationships, Mental Health, Personality, Physical Health and Well-being, Sexuality and Sexual Identity, Social Psychology, Survey Methods

Theresa Wright

Wright, Theresa

Sr. Public Service Associate, Carl Vinson Institute of Government
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Research Interests include program evaluation, QUAL data collection, performance measurement, and survey research


Yi, Hui

Assistant Research Scientist, Social Work
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Research Interests include statistics and data analysis