Risk Behaviors


Bauer, Brian

Assistant Professor, Psychology 
2022-2024 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | brian.bauer@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Suicide; Behavioral economics; Decisions

Steven R.H. Beach

Beach, Steven R.H.

Regents Professor, Psychology
Co-Director, Center for Family Research
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | srhbeach@uga.edu
Research Interests include preventive intervention, epigenetic processes, family health, and marriage

Cacciatore, Michael

Associate Professor and Assistant Department Head, Advertising & Public Relations
website | mcacciat@uga.edu

Research Interests include science communication, risk communication, and framing

Fazlul, Ishtiaque

Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management and International Affairs (Jointly)
website | ifazlul@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Health economics; Education economics

Fisher, Sycarah website

Fisher, Sycarah

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
2020-22 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | sycarah.fisher@uga.edu

Research Interests include substance use, minorities, African Americans, school mental health, and implementation science


Galvan, Thania

Assistant Professor, Psychology
website | thania.galvan@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Mental health disparities; Latinx youth & families; Latinx immigrants; Traumatic stress; Risk & Resilience pathways

Geier, Charles

Professor, Human Development and Family Science
website | Charles.Geier@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Cognition, Computational Methods, Diversity, Emotion, Experimental Methods, Food & Nutrition, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Disorders, Networks, Neuroscience, Obesity, Physical Health and Well-being, Psychophysiology, Risk Behaviors, Substance Use and Addiction, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

Adam Goodie

Goodie, Adam

Professor and Department Head, Psychology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | goodie@uga.edu

Research Interests include decision making, gambling, personality, and cognition

Jeong-Yeob Han

Han, Jeong-Yeob

Associate Professor, Advertising
website | jeonghan@uga.edu

Research Interests include eHealth communication, social media, online communities, cancer communication, and media effects


Jin, Yan

Professor and Assistant Department Head, Public Relations
website | yanjin@uga.edu

Research Interests include crisis, risk, conflict, misinformation, emotion, and social media

Steve Kogan

Kogan, Steve

Professor, Human Development and Family Science
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | smkogan@uga.edu

Research Interests include Black youth, adolescent development, mental health, and racial discrimination

Lapegna, Pablo

Associate Professor, Sociology
2023-2025 Grant Development Program Participant
website | plapegna@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Environmental and rural sociology; Social movements; Political sociology; Health

Thomas McNulty

McNulty, Thomas

Associate Professor, Sociology
website | tmcnulty@uga.edu

Research Interests include race/ethnicity, communities & crime, and inequality


Muilenburg, Jessica

Professor and Interim Department Head, Health Promotion & Behavior
website | jlm@uga.edu

Research Interests include risky behaviors, adolescents, young adults, and tobacco use

Glen Nowak

Nowak, Glen

Professor, Advertising Public Relations
Co-director, Grady College Center for Health & Risk Communications
website | gnowak@uga.edu

Research Interests include health communication, infectious and vaccine preventable disease communication

Orpinas-Sq. 2022

Orpinas, Pamela

Professor, Health Promotion and Behavior
Distinguished Fellow, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | porpinas@uga.edu

Research Interests include preventing family violence, dating aggression, and bullying; improving the lives of immigrant and underserved populations; identifying developmental trajectories of children and youth.

Leslie Simons

Simons, Leslie

Professor, Sociology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | lgsimons@uga.edu

Research Interests include family, crime, and intimate partner violence


Ye, Kaixiong (Calvin)

Assistant Professor, Genetics
website | kaixiong@uga.edu

Research Interests include human genetics, direct to consumer genetic testing, and nutrition