Risk Behaviors


Bauer, Brian

Assistant Professor, Psychology 
2022-2024 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | brian.bauer@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Suicide; Behavioral economics; Decisions

Steven R.H. Beach

Beach, Steven R.H.

Regents’ Professor, Psychology
Co-Director, Center for Family Research
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
2023 OIBR Service Legacy Award Recipient
website | srhbeach@uga.edu
Research Interests include preventive intervention, epigenetic processes, family health, and marriage

Cacciatore, Michael

Associate Professor and Assistant Department Head, Advertising & Public Relations
website | mcacciat@uga.edu

Research Interests include science communication, risk communication, and framing

Fazlul, Ishtiaque

Assistant Professor, Health Policy & Management and International Affairs (Jointly)
website | ifazlul@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Health economics; Education economics

Fisher, Sycarah website

Fisher, Sycarah

Associate Professor, Educational Psychology
2020-22 GDP Participant, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | sycarah.fisher@uga.edu

Research Interests include substance use, minorities, African Americans, school mental health, and implementation science


Galvan, Thania

Assistant Professor, Psychology
website | thania.galvan@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Mental health disparities; Latinx youth & families; Latinx immigrants; Traumatic stress; Risk & Resilience pathways

Geier, Charles

Professor, Human Development and Family Science
website | Charles.Geier@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Cognition, Computational Methods, Diversity, Emotion, Experimental Methods, Food & Nutrition, Mental Health, Mental Illness and Disorders, Networks, Neuroscience, Obesity, Physical Health and Well-being, Psychophysiology, Risk Behaviors, Substance Use and Addiction, Youth, Adolescence, and Emerging Adulthood

Adam Goodie

Goodie, Adam

Professor and Department Head, Psychology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | goodie@uga.edu

Research Interests include decision making, gambling, personality, and cognition

Jeong-Yeob Han

Han, Jeong-Yeob

Associate Professor, Advertising
website | jeonghan@uga.edu

Research Interests include eHealth communication, social media, online communities, cancer communication, and media effects


Jin, Yan

Professor and Assistant Department Head, Public Relations
website | yanjin@uga.edu

Research Interests include crisis, risk, conflict, misinformation, emotion, and social media

Steve Kogan

Kogan, Steve

Professor, Human Development and Family Science
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
2021 OIBR Mentoring Legacy Award Recipient
website | smkogan@uga.edu

Research Interests include Black youth, adolescent development, mental health, and racial discrimination

Lapegna, Pablo

Associate Professor, Sociology
2023-2025 Grant Development Program Participant
website | plapegna@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Environmental and rural sociology; Social movements; Political sociology; Health

Thomas McNulty

McNulty, Thomas

Associate Professor, Sociology
website | tmcnulty@uga.edu

Research Interests include race/ethnicity, communities & crime, and inequality


Muilenburg, Jessica

Professor and Interim Department Head, Health Promotion & Behavior
website | jlm@uga.edu

Research Interests include risky behaviors, adolescents, young adults, and tobacco use

Glen Nowak

Nowak, Glen

Professor, Advertising Public Relations
Co-director, Grady College Center for Health & Risk Communications
website | gnowak@uga.edu

Research Interests include health communication, infectious and vaccine preventable disease communication

Orpinas-Sq. 2022

Orpinas, Pamela

Professor, Health Promotion and Behavior
Distinguished Fellow, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | porpinas@uga.edu

Research Interests include preventing family violence, dating aggression, and bullying; improving the lives of immigrant and underserved populations; identifying developmental trajectories of children and youth.

Leslie Simons

Simons, Leslie Gordon

Meigs Professor, Sociology
Distinguished Scholar, Owens Institute for Behavioral Research
website | lgsimons@uga.edu

Research Interests include family, crime, and intimate partner violence

Tanner, Susan
Associate Professor, Anthropology

website | stanner1@uga.edu

Research Interests include: Chronic Disease, Culture, Ethnography, Exercise, Food & Nutrition, Infectious Disease, Physical Health and Well-being, Prevention and Implementation Science, Risk Behaviors, Survey Methods


Ye, Kaixiong (Calvin)

Assistant Professor, Genetics
website | kaixiong@uga.edu

Research Interests include human genetics, direct to consumer genetic testing, and nutrition