Celebrating Excellence in Science Education: Erin Dolan Receives the OIBR Lillian Eby Mentoring Award

Dr. Erin Dolan, the Georgia Athletic Association Professor of Innovative Science Education in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, has been awarded the prestigious OIBR Lillian Eby Mentoring Award.

Erin’s illustrious career has been dedicated to enhancing biology education, particularly focusing on the profound impact of students’ research experiences and the pivotal role played by research mentors.

At the heart of her impactful work lies her research laboratory, SPREE (Social Psychology of Research Experiences and Education). She has received over 30 grants from prestigious institutions including a NIH predoctoral training grant, a separate NIH post-baccalaureate training grant, and an NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates grant. Currently, she leads a SEER Center initiative, generously funded by the NSF, leading teams of postdoctoral fellows in Biology Education, providing them with comprehensive professional development and research training.

Erin has not only contributed significantly to the science of science mentoring but has also been a dedicated mentor herself. She has earned widespread recognition, having served on the National Academies consensus committee on mentoring in STEM. Her stellar contributions have garnered prestigious awards, including the American Society for Cell Biology Bruce Alberts Science Education Award and the Award for Exemplary Contributions to Education from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

At OIBR’s annual meeting in early December, Erin Dolan was awarded the 2023 OIBR Lillian Eby Mentoring Award in recognition of her exceptional dedication to science education and mentorship contributions. Please join us in congratulating Erin as she continues to inspire and shape the future of biology education at the University of Georgia.