Katherine Ehrlich Receives Award for Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology

American Psychological Association has awarded the Distinguished Scientific Early Career Contributions to Psychology award to OIBR Fellow, Katie Ehrlich.

Since 1974, the APA Early Career Awards have been given to recognize the large number of excellent, early career psychologists. Recipients of this award may not have held a doctoral degree for more than nine years. The 2020 recipients of the APA Scientific Contribution Awards were recognized by the 2019 Board of Scientific Affairs and selected by the 2019 Committee on Scientific Awards.

For purposes of this award, psychology has been divided into 10 areas, with five considered each year. The areas considered in 2020 were animal learning and behavior, comparative; developmental; health; cognition/ human learning; and psychopathology.

Katie was recognized for outstanding research that elucidates how children’s social relationships affect their physical health. Her  innovative research brings together insights from multiple subareas of psychology, including health, developmental, and social, to address questions of great importance for public health and human development. Her studies are characterized by sophisticated theory, rigorous methodology, and impressive creativity. Dr. Ehrlich’s theoretical and empirical work is already leaving a substantial mark on the field and paving the way for an integrative biosocial science of human development.

Katie is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia and the director of the Health and Development Laboratory. To learn more about her research, go here.