Dr. Lillian Eby Incoming Editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology


Dr. Lillian Eby Incoming Editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology

Dr. Lillian Eby, current director of the Owens Institute for Behavioral Research and a professor of psychology, has been named the incoming editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology.

Having served as associate editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology as well as associate editor of Personnel Psychology, Dr. Eby said,I am truly honored to have been selected by my peers for this important role and excited by the opportunity to pay it forward to a field that I love.

The journal is uniquely poised to provide evidence-based, practical advice to improve the experience of work for employees as well as enhance individual, team, and organizational success.

It also plays an important role in advancing the conceptual understanding of workplace and employment phenomena. Much of the research published in the Journal of Applied Psychology also has important implications for social policy, employment-related legislation, and organizational practices to support employees and their families.

Some of the hot topics right now include the role of robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in employment contexts; how the gig economy is changing the nature of work; inclusion and equity in all aspects of employment; and strategies to increase the transparency and reproducibility of our science.

Dr. Eby wants the journal to continue to be the premier outlet for the most scientifically significant, rigorous, and cutting-edge research in psychology applied to work. The main priorities of the new editor-in-chief include enhancing the review experience for authors and reviewers, increasing representation of people from underrepresented groups, encouraging and supporting open science practices, increasing interdisciplinary integration, and improving the translation of our science for the public good.

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