Dr. Joshua Miller is Awarded the 2018 William A. Owens Creative Research Award

Joshua D. Miller, OIBR Fellow and a professor and director of clinical training in the psychology department at Franklin College, has played a leading role in developing, testing and advocating a new model of understanding personality disorders.

Mental health professionals have struggled to treat patients with psychopathy and narcissism. His research helped demonstrate that these personality disorders are “built” from the same five basic components found in “normal” personality and that these disorders represent configurations of these traits that are problematic because of their extremity and/or inflexibility. Many clinicians prefer this approach because it provides more focused tools with greater therapeutic potential. Dr. Miller’s influential research over the last 15 years helped lay the groundwork for changes in the official Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition.

The William A. Owens Creative Research Award recognizes outstanding bodies of work in social and behavioral sciences that have gained broad recognition.