Celebrating OIBR Fellow and Affiliates Success


Celebrating OIBR Fellow and Affiliates Success


The week of April 1-5 is Honors week at UGA and a great time to celebrate the accomplishments of some of the Fellows and Affiliates with the Owens Institute.

2019 Research Awards:

Nathan T. Carter, OIBR Fellow, Associate Professor, Psychology
Creative Research Medal in Social and Behavioral Sciences, Clarifying the relation of personality to work and life outcomes

Kelly E. Happe, OIBR Affiliate, Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Creative Research Medal in Humanities and Arts, Implications of race and gender in genomic science

Justin A. Lavner, OIBR Fellow, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Charles B. Knapp Early Career Scholar Award

Emilie Phillips Smith, OIBR Fellow, Professor, Human Development and Family Science
William A. Owens Creative Research Award

2019 Service-Learning Excellence Award:
Caree Cotwright, OIBR Affiliate, Assistant Professor, Foods and Nutrition

2019 Richard B. Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching:
Sarah Shannon
, OIBR Affiliate, Assistant Professor, Sociology

2019 Instruction Awards:
Grace Ahn
, OIBR Affiliate, Associate Professor, Advertising
First-Year Odyssey Teaching Award

Sarah Shannon, OIBR Affiliate, Assistant Professor, Sociology
Creative Teaching Award

Please join us in congratulating these scholars! Read more here.