Statistical Consulting Services

OIBR offers a wide range of statistical consulting services. Our statistician, Dr. JJ Bau, has been assisting Fellows of the Owens Institute for more than 26 years and received his Ph.D. in Statistics from UGA. All of our services are provided free of charge. If desired, specific statistical services can also be written into grant proposals as personnel services.

The goal of OIBR statistical consulting is to help OIBR Fellows, Affiliates, Grantsmanship Development Program Participants, research staff, and affiliated graduate students perform research, with an emphasis on data analysis for grant proposals and funded grants. One-on-one consultation as well as group consultation with a faculty led research team and/or graduate students are available to meet your specific needs. Statistical consulting is also available for dissertation research for graduate students working with faculty affiliated with OIBR. We provide advice and resources to enable you to develop and/or extend your statistical computing skills, helping you to independently use common statistical packages for the analysis of research data.

Examples of services offered:Statistical expertise includes:Software expertise includes:
Analysis of existing data setsMeta-analysisSPSS
Troubleshooting & basic programming questionsMultilevel analysisMPLUS
Software tutorials Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)R
Web survey development (e.g. Qualtrics)Confirmatory and exploratory factor analysisEXCEL
Data managementRegression-based approachesLISREL
Assistance with archival data setsANOVA-based approachesINQUISIT
Power analysis calculations Descriptive statistics

For more information or to request a consultation, please contact Dr. Bau at

*Please note that we do not answer statistical consulting questions over the phone.

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